Miami, FLMaritza Sanchez’s (6-1) past her toughest test to date defeating Greece’s Elina Kallionidou (9-6) winning by way of unanimous decision.

Sanchez and Kallionidou were the main event of the Saturday’s fight card.

Both women delivered an epic fight.

Also, Ismael “Kraken” Zamora (8-3) defeated Venezuela’s Erik Villasmil (2-2) by way technical knockout at 16 seconds of the third round and Anas “The Rainmaker” Azizoun (4-0) defeated Adam Ortiz by wa of unanimous decision.

Sanchez vs Kallionidou

Sanchez was rattled form the start as Kallionidou opened up the fight by throwing a strong jab that surprised Sanchez sending her to the la jaula. Right after, the Greek got hold of her opponent working from the clinch where she landed hands.

However, when there was a gap, she would land elbows.

In the second round, Sanchez got a hold of the striking where she unleashed her hands attacking her opponent.

Flash forward to the third round, Sanchez was stuck in a tough position when she nearly got caught in a triangle choke, but she managed to escape. With a few seconds left in the round, both women went back and forth trading hands.

In the end, it was Sanchez who took the win by way of unanimous decision.

Zamora vs Villasmil

Villasmil surprised Zamora who looked for the ground game right form the start. Known for his kicks and powerful punches, Villasmil wanted to throw off his opponent but Zamora wasn’t having it.

He let Villasmil do his work and capitalized when he was gassed.

In between the second and third round, Zamora’s corner told him to box, clinch him and knockout Villasmil which is exactly what he did to finish of the fight and take the win.

Azizoun vs Ortiz

Azizoun demolished Ortiz. The fighter from Arizona did not have an answer on how to stop the rainmaker.

Azizoun consistent offense was unstoppable and was tactical with his work. Azizoun dominated all three rounds. There were some attempts for a takedown from Ortiz but no result.

CG 2023 December 9: Sanchez vs Kalionidou

Maritza Sanchez defeated Elina Kallionidou by way of unanimous decision.

Ismael Zamora defeated Erik Villasmil by way of technical knockout in the third round at 16 seconds.

Anas Azizoun defeated Adam Ortiz by way of unanimous decision.

Janet Garcia defeated Katie Garcia by way of unanimous decision.