Miami, FLMelissa Amaya (7-0) maintained her undefeated streak and her performance proved she can compete with high level competition after dominating the experienced French woman Samantha Jean-Francois (8-8).

Amaya defeated Jean-Francois by way of technical knockout in the second round at in the main event of this Saturday’s all-woman fight card, June 8.

Also, Ana Palacios (8-3-1) got off the slump after losing two fights in a row. She defeated Chile’s Melissa Gomez (4-1) by way of rear naked choke in the second round at.

And, in a featured bout, the 19-year-old sensation Regina “Kill Bill” Tarin (3-0) defeated  Fernanda Marrufo (1-2) by rear naked choke in the first round.

Amaya vs Jean-Francois

Right from the start, both women exchanged hands. Fists flew until Amaya was able to get close enough to close the distance and take the French woman done close to la jaula where she worked landing punches on side control.

The majority of the first round saw Jean-Francois on her back and taking a punishment.

In the second round, there was an exchange that took Jean-Francois straight to the canvass. Amaya’s hook rocked her opponent. But as she landed her back, Jean-Francois smashed Amaya with an up kick.

Amaya quickly jumped on her opponent and began to pound her opponent leaving the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Palacios vs Gomez

Known for her background in jiu jitsu, Palacios held back on her weapon and traded blows with Gomez who is known for her footwork and boxing.

Four of Gomez’s previous opponents couldn’t figure out how to cut her distance, but Palacios had the exact tools to become a roadblock for the chilean.

In the first round, the fight took place on their feet with several of exchanges from both women.

However, flash forward to the second round, Palacios searched for the takedown. In one exchange, she landed a shot to the body which had impact to Gomez.

Palacios quickly didn’t hesitate to jump on Gomez back landed her hooks taking Gomez to the canvass where the Mexican struck the rear naked choke for the win at of the second round.

Palacios is back in the winning column after going on a two fight losing streak.

Tarin vs Marrufo

When she entered la jail, one wouldn’t know that Tarin is 19-years-old and making her debut in Combate Global.

Tarin walked in la jaula full of confidence and charisma as she took on Marrufo who on paper had the most experience.

Once the bell rang, Tarin displayed why she belongs in the big going toe-to-toe with Marrufo’s stand up game.

In one of the exchanges, it ruffled Marrufo who fell to the canvas where Tarin jumped on the opportunity to land the rear naked choke in the first round.

Results CG 2024 June 8: Amaya vs Jean-Francois

Melissa Amaya defeated Samantha Jean-Francois by technical knockout in the second round.

Ana Palacios defeated Melissa Gomez by rear naked choke in the second round.

Regina Tarin defeated Fernanda Marrufo by rear naked choke in the first round.

Mariah Castro defeated Ailed Zubieta by unanimous decision.