Miami, Fl– Venezuelan Alberto “The Promise” Montes (7-1) proved he could pull off submission victories when least expected and difficult ones too.

Montes defeated veteran Kevin “El Prendido” Garcia (10-5) by anaconda choke in the second round at 52 seconds in last night’s main event for Mexico vs Venezuela: Garcia vs Montes.

It is the second anaconda choke submission victory of his career. Last fight he had in September against Adam Ortiz, he defeated his opponent by D’Arce choke.

Also, American Janet Garcia (3-0) remains undefeated Spain’s Andrea Meneses (5-3) by technical knockout proving she is more than just a Muay Thai fighter.

And, Quentin “No Ordinary Cowboy” Camacho (1-0) defeated Gabriel Ortega by way of unanimous decision to obtain his first professional victory.

Montes vs Garcia

Known for his creative kicks and striking due to his tae kwon do background, Montes has made a statement that he is not a one dimensional fighter.

He proved it when he defeated Garcia by an anaconda choke. About 70 percent of his wins have been by way of submission.

He also took the fight on days notice after Garcia’s original opponent Anas Azizoun suffered an illness.

Although he has picked up wins by submission, Montes has knockout power with his fists.

He landed shots combined with kicks early in the fight, but Garcia countered with takedowns.

However, Montes read his opponent like a book in the second round when Garcia went for the takedown with the Venezuelan quickly landing the choke for the win.

Garcia vs Meneses

What was expected to be a fight mostly fought on the feet, the tables turned as Garcia ventured into the floor.

Although Meneses has been putting the work on the ground, it wasn’t enough to stop Garcia.

In between an exchange, Garcia landed an en elbow that busted open Menses’ scalp.

Drenched in blood, Meneses made it to the second round only for Garcia to take her down making it nearly impossible from the woman from Spain to get out of trouble.

At 4:20 of the second round, the referee stepped in to call the fight.

Camacho vs Ortega

For their debut as professionals, one would not know if was their first outing in la jaula.

Both men went the distance, but it was the takedowns for Camacho that earned him the win.

Mexico vs Venezuela: Garcia vs Montes

Alberto Montes defeated Kevin Garcia in the at 52 seconds of the second round by anaconda choke.

Janet Garcia defeated Andrea Meneses by technical knockout at 4:20 of the second round.

Quentin Camacho defeated Gabriel Ortega by unanimous decision.