Miami, FL- Ireland nearly swept the Mexican’s in this past weekend’s Combate Global: Ireland vs Mexico fight card.

In the main event, Ireland’s Patrick Lehane (6-2) defeated Roberto Romero (7-3-1) by way of unanimous decision in a back-and-forth fight that had fans on their feet.

Also, Lucero “La Loba” Acosta (5-2) dominated Italy’s Manuela Marconetto (4-5) winning by technical knockout in the second round at 32 seconds and Ivan Castillo (25-17) was the sole fitter to get a win for the Mexicans defeating Lee Hammond (5-1) by technical knockout in the second round at 1:37.

Lehane vs Romero

In a fight that was set to deliver lots of action, lived to the hype. In the first round, Romero seemed to get a grip on Lehane working hard to get the Irish in the clinch, where he landed short elbows and knees.

Lehane couldn’t find his footing, but in the second round and third round he cracked the code and Romero’s pressure was non-existent.

The Irish fighter was having a field day angling and makng it nearly impossible for Romero to bring his foe close to him to attack.

Away for more than a year and change, Lehane picked up the win and proudly raised the Irish flag in victory.

Acosta vs Marconetto

An intense Acosta walked inside la jaula with a goal to get another victory. Right from the start, Acosta’s boxing was sharp landing bombs that rocked Marconetto.

But, in one exchange, the Italian did get put Acosta on her backside after she ate one of her right hands.

However, in the second round, Acosta didn’t want to let the fight go the distance and throw dynamite so much that Marconetto was overwhelmed. She couldn’t fight back and the referee stepped in to cal the fight at 32 seconds of the second round.

Castillo vs Hammond

The first round seemed as if Hammond was going to help the Irish get a clean sweep of victories, but Castillo’s experience did not allow it.

Hammond dominated in the canvass in the opening round, and learning submitted Castillo capturing the Mexican in arm bars. However, Castillo transitioned and escaped several difficult positions.

But in the second round, Castillo listened to his corner who told him take Hammond down and ground and pound his opponent to victory. Castillo took the win in the second round at 1:37.

Combate Global: Ireland vs Mexico

Patrick Lehane defeated Roberto Romero by unanimous decision.

Lucero Acosta defeated Manuela Marconetto by technical knockout in the second round at 32.

Ivan Castillo defeated Lee Hammond by technical knockout in the second round at 1.37

Stephen Costello defeated Ovidio Bojorquez by majority decision.

Cian Cowley defeated Daniel Sanchez by doctor stoppage in the first round at 4:59.