Miami, Fl– Dylan Reischman, 21, is recovering and in great sprits after suffering a devastating leg injury in his professional debut inside la jaula.

On September 2, Reischman took on Jaie Mora-Munoz, but it was at 1:47 round two when the young fighter’s debut took a turn for the bad.

After displaying great work on the ground with his jiu jitsu skill in the first round, both men kept the fight standing in the start of the second chapter

However, Munoz went for the suplex where Reischman placed his leg and landed on it severely inuring it.

He was taken out of la jaula on a stretcher and had emergency surgery.

“The diagnosis was a fractured femur and I had a surgery on it to put a rod into place from my knee to my hip,” he said. “My physical therapy has been going amazing I’ve been able to stand up and walk around with a little support from a walker. “

With a strong heart, Reischman says he will be back in training very soon and hopes to the return in 2024.

“The doctors are saying it’ll be four months until I can get back into light training. So I’m expecting to fight again by the end of 2024 god willing,” he said.

He also added that he has received a lot of support and love from fans.

“The feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive, I feel blessed to be apart of such a positive community of martial artists and martial arts fans. Mentally I’m doing really good, I’m just ready to trust the process and focus everything I have on my recovery and I’m 100% confident that I’ll come back with this leg even stronger and with some titanium enhancements,” he said.