All sports fans love a comeback story and there were many that took place inside la jaula in 2022.

Let’s take a look at some of the best comebacks from this season. All fights are available on Paramount +.

Ana palacios arm bardk

Ana Palacios vs Bo Hyun Park. July 15.

The top ranked atom weight Palacios stepped inside la jaula against an aggressive fighter and the first female Korean Bo Hyun Park (4-2), a champion in her home country.

Park started the fight aggressively connecting with hard shots one of them took Palacios straight to the canvass nearly knocking her out.

But the Bonebreakers fighter composed herself on the ground searching for a way for a victory that is until Park made the mistake of leaving her arm out. Palacios grabbed it and submitted her by way of arm bar in the first round at 3:15.

David Martinez vs Axel Osuna. September 2.

The bantamweight champion Martinez started aggressively right from the start and nearly finished off his opponent quickly. Osuna couldn’t defend the constant kicking from the world champion.

At one point, Osuna just seemed overwhelmed and couldn’t find away to get out of trouble.

However, in the latter part of the third round, Osuna landed a kick that brought the champion down. Osuna pinned Martinez to la jaula and landed shots but he just didn’t have the gas to continue.

After recuperating, Martinez returned to the championship rounds where he finished off Osuna at 4:14 in the fourth round.

Richie Palomino vs Alex Velasco. November 18.

Velazco carried the aggression throughout the fight. Palomino just wasn’t counter or striking enough to slow down Velazco who was consistent.

But flashforward to the third round, Velazco’s energy seemed took to take a seat that’s when Palomino, who seemed out of the fight, was able to catch his opponent in an arm triangle choke at 1:28 in the third round.