Nicaragua’s Leonardo “Chimmy” Morales (13-8) upsets Chile’s undefeated Jose Ferreira (11-1) by technical knockout in last night’s main event.

Morales defeated Ferreira in the first round at 3:02.

Also, Michael Reyes (9-6) defeated Carlos Reyes (4-4) by technical knockout in the first round at 2:19 and Alfrego Ruelas (5-5) defeated David Aguilar (3-1) by knockout in the first round at 1:24.

In his fourth outing for Combate Global, Ferreira was composed entering the fight; meanwhile, Morales welcomed his striking but thrash talking during the exchanges.

Ferreira who last defeated veteran Martin Bravo the last time he competed inside la jaula, looking for openings to unleash a flurry of punches.

But the Nicaraguan countered until the right moment where he found the opening to connect a kick that sent Ferreira down to the canvass, where the referee came in to put an end to the fight.

A dazed Ferreira quickly stood on his feet to protest the stoppage, however, it was Nicaragua’s Morales who walked out of la jaula with the victory.

In another fight, Michael, a veteran of la jaula, had a different mentality stepping inside la jaula using his intelligence as a fighter trying to dictate where the fight would go with the pace.

He quickly put a stoppage to Carlos’ explosiveness. Unlike other fight where Michael uses his wrestling, he showed confidence with his confidence. After exchanging for sometime, it was Michael who was able to bring Carlos to the clinch where he used effective punches but it was a shot to the liver where Carlos was taken to one knee. The referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Also, Ruelas finished off the former undefeated Aguilar with a spectacle of a head kick. After a few exchanges, the right timing Ruelas connected. Aguilar took time to get up after the kick but was attended by the medical staff.

CG 2023 September 2: Ferreira vs Morales

Leonardo Morales defeated Jose Ferreira in the first round at 3:02 by technical knockout.

Michael Reyes defeated Carlos Reyes by technical knockout at 2:19 in the first round.

Alfrego Ruelas defeated Carlos Reyes by knockout (head kick) at 1:24 in the first round.

Michel Martinez defeated Kade Kottenbrook by technical knockout in the second round at

Jaime Mora-Munoz defeated Dylan Reischman by knockout technical (leg injury) in the first round at 1:47.