Miami, FLLeonardo “Chimmy” Morales (11-6) defeated Marlon Gonzalez (15-6-2) by way of unanimous decision.

Morales obtained his first win inside la jaula at the main event at last night’s CG 2022 June 3: Morales vs Gonzalez fight card.

The first round saw both fighters testing each other out. Morales landed combinations, but Gonzalez would stop his momentum but positioning him in the clinch.

Essentially, the second and last round of the fight were mirror images with Gonzalez pushing Morales to la jaula working from the clinch. Morales attempted to change levels to explore his ground game but didn’t have much success.

In the co-main event, David Zelner (4-0) remains undefeated by besting Ramon Vizcarra (3-4) by way of unanimous decision.

In a short time after the opening round of the fight, Zelner took the fight to the floor, but Vizcarra was able to overcome the Floridian’s takedown offense.

The fight later went to the fight, where Zelner landed an impactful one two combination and low kicks. Vizcara countered with his kickboxing background landing several kicks.

In the second round, Zelner kept coming forward and quickly went for a takedown, but Vizcarra defended himself appropriately and kept the fight on the feet. Vizcarra landed kicks that seemed to damage Zelner, but he surely did not show any emotion. With about a minute left, Zelner went for the takedown and searched for a submission.

In the last chapter of the fight, Vizcarra kept in landing as he did in the second round with vicious kicks. Zelner landed a right hook that woke up Vizcarra.

In what could be the fastest knockout in Combate Global history, newcomer Moses Diaz (4-0) didn’t break a sweat as he knocked out Costa Rica’s Carlos Cordoba in 6 seconds of the first round.

Diaz connected jab, then a second or two after landed an overhand right knocking out Cordoba.

Also, Muay Thai expert Gabriel Mazzetti (1-0) had an impressive victory over David Ruiz (0-1) winning by TKO in the second round at 1:29.

Lastly, Chris Alvidrez (1-0) defeated Jose Matuz (1-1) at 2:48 in the first round by rear naked choke.

CG2022 June 3: Morales vs Gonzales

Leonardo Morales defeated Marlon Gonzales by unanimous decision.

David Zelner defeated Ramon Vizcarra by unanimous decision.

Gabriel Mazzetti defeated David Ruiz by TKO in the second round at 1:29.

Chris Alvidrez defeated Jose Matuz by rear naked choke in the first round at 2:48.

Moses defeated Carlos Cordoba by KO at 6 seconds of the first round.