The 2022 Combate Global season delivered one of the most competitive bouts full of action and surprises.

Out of the 30 shows, we take a look at the top five fights to watch. All fights are available on the Paramount + network including the 2021 season as well.

Roberto romero vs ivan tenadk

Roberto Romero vs Ivan Tena- August 19, 2022

In August, undefeated American Ivan Tena (4-1) came in not knowing what a defeat felt like, but Roberto Romero (4-2) gave him a taste of a loss in his professional record.

Romero walked out of la jaula with a unanimous decision victory, but it didn’t go down as smoothly as Tena put up a fight and showed heart and courage throughout the 15 minutes.


Ana Palacios vs Bo Hyun Park- July 15, 2022

In what seemed like it was the last time Ana Palacios (7-1) will hold her crown as queen at the top of the Combate Global Atomweight division, the first Korean woman, Bo Hyun Park (4-2) to compete for CG looked to put a stop to the hype of the Mexican.

There were instants where it seemed Park, a champion in her country, would walk out of la jaula in victory connecting with heavy hands where she took Palacios to the canvass.

However, Palacios expertise and calmness helped overcome adversity pulling off an arm bar submission victory in the first round. Her victory solidified why she is one of the best in the world in her weight class.


Cristian “Puas” Perez vs Samuel Alvarez- August 5, 2022

In a fight where there was some friendly smack talk, Crisitan “Puas” Perez (11-1) proved he is more than a submission artist inside la jaula when he knocked out the veteran Samuel Alvarez (7-6) in the third round.

Perez, the number two ranked lightweight, has obtained several victories by way of submission but searched for the KO and he did so against Alvarez.

With a knockout victory against Alvarez and after going undefeated in 2022, Puas is in search of overcoming his only professional loss to Enrique Gonzalez in the 2021 USA vs Mexico tournament.

Now, the ball is on Gonzalez’s court should he accept the fight for some time in 2023.

David martinez vs axel osuna kickdk

David Martinez vs Axel Osuna- October 7, 2022

In a fight that seemed like bantamweight champion David “The Black Spartan” Martinez (9-1) had it all wrapped up, challenger Axel Osuna (5-2) nearly pulled off the upset when one his hands connected taking down the man who holds the gold.

It was Martinez’s first title defense, but he displayed an uncanny performance with devastating kicks that left Osuna questioning his strategy.

But it was at one point where Osuna connected with a kick that brought Martinez down, however, Osuna couldn’t put an end to the fight.

It was in the fourth round that Martinez recuperated and defeated the challenger by way of technical knockout.

Ovidio bojorquez vs matthew colquhoun kneeko

Ovidio Bojorquez vs Matthew Colquhoun- September 24, 2022

On paper, Jamaica’s Matthew Colquhoun (7-6) had the victories and experience to defeat newcomer Ovidio Bojorquez (4-1).

However, Bojorquez put any doubts behind him and took on the veteran Colquhoun and showed the world not to judge knocking out his opponent in the first round by way of flying knee.

The flying knee was heard around and made waves around social media.

Literally, don’t blink or you might miss the knee.