Miami ,FL– In a night full of knockouts, México’s Jair Perez (9-3) put a quick end to newcomer Maurício Eguiluz (10-7-1) winning by way of technical knockout at 37 seconds of the first round in the main event for this weekends fight card CG 2023 August 26: Perez vs Eguiluz.

Also, Samuel Alvarez (9-6) defeated Richie Palomino (6-5) by way of knockout in the first round at 3:32, while Martin Justiz (4-1) knocked out Isaac Ruelas (5-4) in the first round at 4:02.

The scheduled fight between Mariah Castro vs Nadine Abbott was postponed due to medical issues.

Right from the start, feeling confident with his striking Perez exchanged fists with Eguiluz.

In between exchanges in the pocket, he attempted a flying knee, but failed. However, he continued his flurry of punches eventually a left hook nailed Eguiluz sending him to the canvass. Perez would then follow with fists on the ground where eventually the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight.

Perez has now won two fights in a row by way of stoppage.

Justiz also made quick work of Ruelas.

In a fight full of intensity right from the start, both man kept the fight standing. Ruelas was deducted a point early in the fight for grabbing la jaula. He soon changed his style, but Justin found the right timing to throw an overhand right that put an end to the fight.

Ruelas was taken to the hospital right after the fight.

Also, Alvarez and Palomino traded blows while thrash talking. But the words were short lived. Alvarez found his rhythm and forced Palomino to chase him with his low boxing stance. Using his jab effectively, Alvarez picked Palomino apart where he found the right time to land a left hook-sending Palomino straight to the canvass.

Alvarez is also riding on a two-fight win streak.

CG 2023 August 26: Perez vs Eguiluz

Austin Russell defeated Emmanuel Berumen by unanimous decision.

Ovidio Bojorquez defeated Albert Gonzalez by knockout in the first round at 2:22.

Samuel Alvarez defeated Richie Palomino by kncokout in the first round at 3:32.

Jair Perez defeated Mauricio Eguiluz in the first round by knockout at 32 seconds.

Marin Justiz defeated Isaac Ruelas by knockout in the first round at 4:02.