It was a night a night where internet sensations headlined the main card of Combate Global fight card for August 6.

Lucero “La Loba” Acosta (4-2) defeated Silva Juaneda (3-2) by way of guillotine choke at 1:24 in the first round, while musician and social media influencer Jawy Mendez (0-1) was defeated by Johan Rodriguez by technical knockout in the second round at 4:06.

Also, Tony Cortez (2-0) defeated Matias Palma in the first round at 32 seconds of the first round by an elbow knockout.

Acosta vs Juaneda

The walk to la jaula took longer than the fight itself as Acosta didn’t waste any time in putting an end to her opponent.

Juaneda who has three victories by way of submission and technical knockout couldn’t put an end to Acosta, who was fighting for the first time in 2023. Both women were scheduled to compete earlier this year, but an injury postponed the fight.

Acosta needed less than two minutes to put an end to the Spainard. She through many faints, but the biggest mistake was when Juaneda went for the takedown and was quickly met by a standing guillotine choke.

Acosta held the choke real tight and put her opponent to sleep as when the refree stepped in to break the hold, Juaneda fell straight to the canvass.

After the fight, Acosta said she would like to get one fight closer to the end of the year.

Mendez vs Rodriguez

Mendez, who is known as the “Mexican Jake Paul”, entered la jaula as a professional mixed martial artist against an experienced Rodriguez, who also made his debut.

Rodriguez showed his experience right from the start setting the pace for the fight. While, Mendez through wild punches at times. Rodriguez went for the takedown taking Mendez to the ground landing on mount where he landed several shots.

Mendez was able to get back on his feet but seemed out of gas. In an exchange, midway through the first round a loopy straight right took Rodrigez to the ground leaving the crowd shocked. But, Rodriguez escaped.

In the second round, Mendez felt our of touch and it is where Rodriguez flipped the switch and took Mendez to the ground. Mendez gave his back and while on top, Rodriguez landed several shots. The referee had seen enough and stepped in to call the fight in the second round.

Cortez vs Palma

Palma came out swinging right from the start, but Cortez the ever-elusive fighter countered with an cornered against la jaula knocking out his opponent from Chile in quick fashion.

Cortez didn’t even break a sweat and said he is looking forward to fight later this year.

CG 2023 August 7: Acosta vs Juaneda

Lucero Acosta defeated Silva Juaneda by standing guillotine choke submission at 1:24 of the first round.

Johan Rodriguez defeated Jawu Mendez by TKO at 4:06 of the second round.

Tony Cortez defeated Matias Palmas at 32 seconds of the first round.

Lazaro Dayron defeated Manuel Exposito by unanimous decisión.

Brandon Gonzalez defeated Arturo Vergara by rear naked choke at 36 seconds of the second round.