Saitama, Japan-The experience of traveling by train in this country is simply amazing. The Latina in me makes me feel strange when traveling in a safe, clean and insultingly punctual bus.

A female voice blares thought the speakers of the bus stating that I have arrived at my destination: Shintoshin station, in Saitama.

I’m about to meet one of the most famous temples of combat sports.

There it is, I see it, it’s impressive, the Saitama Super Arena, a divers venue that works the same as a stadium, coliseum or concert hall.

It’s prestigious history includes hosting the most important martial arts events on Japanese soil, from the legendary PRIDE Fighting Championship to its contemporary Rizin Fighting Federation.

As soon as you enter the mythical building, I have a goal: bring a gladiator to Japan, a fighter who represents the discipline, strength and will to win for Combate Global fighters

One face stands out among all, that of an Amazon: Claire Lopez.

After the Japanese adventure, the enthusiasm for that idea did not disappear; not only that, it became dizzying weeks that have already borne fruit.

Today, thanks to the support of Combate Global, and incredible teamwork within the main promoter of Latino MMA athletes, I am pleased to announce the following:

Japan, a country that is synonymous with martial arts, is about to witness how Combate Global fighters become registered among those gladiators who travel to this end of the world in search of glory.

Rena Kubota, a brutal kickboxer, originally from Osaka, the rebellious city of Japan, will perform home.

Lopez, born in France, a nation where until recently MMA was illegal, travels to Tokyo.

Combate Global and Rizin collide inside La Jaula.

It will be epic, just epic.