Miami, FLGeorgie Medina (3-1) put an end to Ovidio Bojorquez (4-2) wining streak picking up a win over the Mexican by way of technical knockout, while Kayla “K-Rock” Hracho (5-4) gave Mexico’s Daniela Hernandez (4-1) her first defeat in this week’s CG 2023 April 15: Bojorquez vs Medina fight card.

Bojorquez vs Medina

Right from the start, the Valle Flow Striking fighter put the pressure on Bojoquez. He connected with low kicks and connect on the calf.

Knowing that Bojorquez is a first round finisher, Medina made sure to stop him right for the start not allowing his foe to provide any offense.

In the first round, Medina worked on the ground landed elbows and fist from the ground and pound. Bojorquez was busted open right at the end of the first.

In the second chapter of the fight, Medina again worked the front leg of Bojorquez then later took him to the floor and worked from ground and pound, leaving his opponent clueless. The referee had no option but to stop the onslaught and call the fight.

Medina bounced back to the win column and overcame his defeat against Thad Jean late last year.

Hracho vs Hernandez

Known for her boxing, Hracho showed how she can incorporate her boxing styled into mixed martial arts using her footwork and striking to put the breaks on Hernandez known for her wrestling background.

Hernandez attempted about two takedowns that’s all Hracho would allow. In fact, in the first round Hracho took Hernandez down with a jab. Hernandez quickly shifted and went for the takedown, but that was about as much damage she would do.

Both the second and third round, were dominated by Hracho who took the unanimous decision victory.

In her two previous appearances in la jaula, Hracho lost a split decision fight, won a split decision fight, but now she clearly dominated her win.

Also in the fight card, Kristina Pettigrew defeated Claudia Zamora by way of unanimous decision.

Both women started heavy-handed right from the start, but Zamora slowed down mid first round. Pettigrew was on point with her striking and connected.

However, flash-forward to the third round, Zamora picked up the pace and connected often against Pettigrew, but it was not enough to convince the judges to take the win.

Pettigrew, who overcame an injury, earned another victory inside la jaula.

CG 2023 April 15: Bojorquez vs Medina

Samuel Alvarez defeated Alfrego Ruelas

Gerardo Graniel defeated Kyle Estrada by technical knockout in the second round at 4:25.

Kayla Hracho defeated Daniela Hernandez by way of unanimous decision.

Georgie Medina defeated Ovidio Bojorquez by of technical knockout at 3:04 in the second round.

Kristina Pettigrew defeated Claudia Zamora by way of unanimous decision.