Miami, FL– Chile’s Christopher Ewert (4-0) was intimidated by Jimmie Pace Jr. hype or power as he made the America taste defeat for the first time ever in his fighting career.

Ewert defeated Pace by way of unanimous decision in Saturday’s main event for CG 2023 September 23: Ewert vs Pace Jr.

Also, Spain’s Blanca Medina (1-1) made quick work of Alessandra Pajuelo (1-2) winning by rear naked choke in the first round at 3.39.

In the featured fight, Enrique “Pesadilla” Pacheco was Ryan Ocasio’s (4-1) nightmare as the Chilean won by way of guillotine choke in the first round at 1.43.

Ewert vs Pace

Pace brought his striking power right from the start by Ewert was smart in forcing his opponent to chase him.

The American switched his style and attempted the takedown, but Ewert positioned his hips well enough to prevent from being taken down using la jaula as support.

Mid way through the first round Pace’s energy seemed to decrease. While in the clinch, Ewert went for the knee knockout and later for a guillotine choke, but the American escaped.

In between the first and second round, while on the stool, Pace’s corner spilled ice on the canvass, which gave Pace more time to catch his breath as the item was cleared from the floor.

Pace did connect an elbow, but after showing fatigue he threw wild punches and he desperately went for takedowns. However, the takedowns were ineffective as Ewert prevented from being taken to the ground.

Ewert took the fight for Chile.

Medina vs Pajuelo 

Last time Medina stepped in la jaula, she was defeated by way of stoppage. This time around, she a committed fighter to coning out of la jaula with her hand raised.

She made quick work of Pajuelo as both women exchanged leather but an overhand the Peruvian and Medina quickly capitalized. She went for the rear naked choke as the Spainard took the win early in the first round.

Pacheco vs Ocasio

Also, Pacheco and Ocasio was a quick fight with the grappler getting the upper edge over the wrestler. Both men traded hands, but Ocasio was the first to go for the takedown. He worked from the ground, but he left his chin exposed where Pacheco took advantage putting him in a guillotine choke.

CG 2023 September 23: Pace Jr. vs Ewert

Fernanda Orellana defeated Sara Vietez by way of rear naked choke at 3:49 in the first round.

Carlos Calderon defeated Alejandro Gavidia in the second round at 39 by way of submission.

Blanca Medina defeated Alessandra Pajuelo by way of rear naked choke at 3.39 in the second round.

Christopher Ewert defeated Jimmie Pace Jr. by way of unanimous decision.

Enrique Pacheco defeated Ryan Ocasio by way of guillotine choke at 1:43 in the first round.